Practitioners & Students

Healing Touch Practitioners, Apprentices & Students

Harmonize Your Life with Your Soul Purpose

Gather from Core Group

  • Why did you embark on the Healing Touch Practitioner journey
  • Help heal the planet

“Become part of the new generation of Energy Practitioners who are changing the consciousness of the planet.”

Our curriculum is based on an in-depth understanding and practice of energetic work using scientifically supported techniques that complement conventional medicine as well as other therapeutic treatments.

Video Testimonial from Practitioner

Video Testimonial from Apprentice (the one gent from practice session would be good here)

Get the education, tools and support you need to launch a Healing Touch Practitioner practice while making a living.

Committing to get your Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) credential:

  • Generates employment opportunities
  • Boosts service delivery confidence
  • Helps grow your practice/client base

Throughout the training program you’ll be instructed along the way on how to build your practice. You can start seeing clients straight away, as a Healing Touch Student.

Healing Touch Madison is currently in transition regarding support for students on their path towards the HTCP credential.

Opportunities that were available in the past and may be in the future:

  • Monthly practice sessions, to hone your skills and support your continuing education
  • Access to certified practitioners, who act as mentors, to answer questions you may have
  • A group environment with like minded individuals who all want to make the world a healthier place
  • The opportunity to participate in Healing Touch sessions in field and share the energy of Healing Touch


Need to identify a list of calendars to be created initially, those with liability insurance

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) Calendars

Healing Touch Apprentice & Student Calendars

Learn more about our program, contact Mary Pat Hank (HTCP) here. (link to contact form)