Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine refers to a set of healing modalities that work with a human’s individual energy field. Science has proven that all matter is really just energy, vibrating at differentiated rates of speed. The human body is composed of a combination of energies. Energy medicine works to direct universal energy, which is all around us, to flow through an individual’s energy field to open blocks in the field and bring overactivity back into balance. 

Healing Touch is a Healthcare certified energy medicine modality.

Chakra Energy Centers

Energy Medicine works with and through the chakra energy system. These force centers are connected by a network through which subtle energy can flow. The energetic network of the human body is comprised of energy meridians or nadis. These meridians underlie the nervous system. Where multiple nadis intersect, you have major or minor centers of Force, or chakras. 

Major Chakras – Human Force Centers

  • 7th Chakra – Head Center
  • 6th Chakra – Brow Center
  • 5th Chakra – Throat Center
  • 4th Chakra- Heart Center
  • 3rd Chakra – Personal Power Center
  • 2nd Chakra – Sacral Center
  • 1st Chakra – Root or Base Center

Much of the dis-ease found in the body is derived from too much, or not enough energy flowing within, or around one of these major force centers. Your aura, is the sum total of your chakra energy center system. Energy Medicine, like Healing Touch, works within an individual’s aura, to bring the energy field back into balance thus promoting health. 

Healing touch practitioners direct healing energies through intention and via the minor chakra centers in their hands.

Chakras Force Centers

Emotional Energy & Energy Medicine

Although perhaps not often thought of in this way, all emotions bring with them a certain type of energy. In fact, our emotional body is interconnected with our bio-field as an integral part. This means that our health and wellbeing are very much so tied to our emotions. Our very language speaks to this when we say things like, “she has a heavy heart.” This verbalized feeling would indicate congestion or stagnation around the Heart Center.

Since our emotional body is energetic in nature, it can be influenced via subtle energy medicine. Emotional dis-ease can be encouraged harmonize into a state of balance through Energy Medicine, like Healing Touch.