What is Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a type of energy medicine that is practiced in leading healthcare facilities. Healing Touch Certified Practitioners (HTCP) work through an extensive training program, which is  accredited by the American Holistic Nurses Association With proper training, intention and focus – with light or no touch- practitioners provide clients energetic healing sessions. 

“Healing Touch was pioneered by Janet Mentgen. Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN was an energetically sensitive nurse. Her drive was to deepen and expand the connection between nurses and their patients. She saw the positive effect of touch while using various energy techniques and modalities. Janet began using her energy based healing skills in 1980. Her real love of patients and the nurse connection began emerging as she developed her “healing touch” methods.

In 1989, Janet formally created Healing Touch as an energy medicine program. It began in 1990 as the Healing Touch certificate program sponsored through the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) coincided with the providership of continuing education for nurses by the Colorado Nurses Association. In 1993, certification of Healing Touch Practitioners began and was administered by AHNA.”

Healing Touch is one element of holistic, complementary medicine that reduces pain. Many clients receive Healing Touch benefits to improve postoperative recovery. This will often improve mobility after surgery, thus reducing the length of hospital stay.

There have been many studies that demonstrate Healing Touch relieves symptoms during chemotherapy. Healing Touch has also been found to ease the process of dying/transitioning to the next phase of existence.

By working with the energies of the emotional body, Healing Touch can decrease anxiety, tension and stress. Healing Touch is energy healing, employed through practical techniques. It energizes deep power to the psyche, provides emotional support, through grounding and safety, that takes time. One should not expect that deep seated pain and trauma should be cleared up and out in just one session – emotional wounds take time to heal.

The traditional human constitution is comprised of:

  • A soul (pending your belief structure)
  • A mental body
  • An emotional body
  • The dense physical body and its etheric counterpart

The Universal Energy Field, employed through Healing Touch, works through an Individual Energy Field, composed of these bodies and their interconnected energy centers and network.

Chakras & Lesser Chakras – Force Centers

The chakra energy system of The East has worked its way into Western vernacular. These centers are connected by a network of energy meridians or nadis. Where multiple nadis intersect, you have major or minor centers of Force.

Major Human Force Centers – Chakras

  • 7th Center – Head Center
  • 6th Center – Brow Center
  • 5th Center – Throat Center
  • 4th Center – Heart Center
  • 3rd Center – Personal Power Center
  • 2nd Center – Sacral Center
  • 1st Center – Root or Base Center
Chakras Force Centers

The sum-total of these centers make up one’s aura, or biofield. There are minor force centers throughout the body and in your hands, which are utilized to direct healing touch energies.

Healing Touch uses subtle energy and hands on or off the body techniques. Healing Touch provides emotional support over the long term, rather than healing wounds in one session.

All Healing Touch Practitioners work through extensive coursework to be prepared to work in healthcare facilities. Healing Touch has been providing quality continuing education for nurses since 1989. The standardized curriculum is based on an in-depth understanding and practice of energetic techniques that complement medical care.

Healing Touch Code of Ethics

The Healing Touch Program has a holistic code of ethics. This code of ethics is important for work in healthcare facilities and includes:

Healing Touch Code of Ethics
  • Scope of Practice
  • Collaborative Care
  • Intention
  • Principles of Healing
  • Respectful Care
  • Equality & Acceptance
  • Creating a Healing Environment
  • Healing Touch Sequence
  • Disclosure and Education
  • Confidentiality
  • Legalities
  • Self-Development
  • Professional Responsibility

If you’d like to learn more about Healing Touch, you are encouraged to attend one of our upcoming events here! Real-world experiential knowledge is generally best.