Healing Touch Training Course & Certification Program

The Healing Touch Program consists of high quality, ethical, professional training courses:

  • Level 1 – Foundational Discovery provides an understanding of the human energy system and the energetic connection between mind, body, emotions and spirit. Students learn 12 simple, highly effective hands-on energetic techniques to promote healing,  health and wellbeing.
  • Level 2 – Clinical Applications develops therapeutic skills to energetically interview and assess clients, create sacred space and combine techniques to provide a one-hour healing session. Additional methods for deeper healing and self-care are taught.
  • Level 3 – Intuitional Development nurtures the ability to access and apply energetic intuition, an innate skill within, and follow guidance. This deepens healing skills and techniques with additional sequences that address more complex health issues and promote lasting healing.
  • Level 4 – Professional Practice offers aspiring Professional Healers valuable insights into important aspects of professional practice. They explore case management, session documentation and practice development. They learn are provided a mentorship program that supports home study and program completion.
  • Level 5 – Case Management prepares students for the clinical practice of Healing Touch as a Professional Healer. Advanced review and evaluation of case management is provided, as well as preparation for board certification.
  • Practitioner Certification is the process to achieve the widely recognized and highly respected Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) credential. The process includes preparing and submitting a certification packet and taking the board-certified Healing Touch Proficiency Exam.

Healing Touch Madison Training Courses

Healing Touch Madison regularly delivers the following professional courses:

  • Introduction to Healing Touch
  • Healing Touch Level 1
  • Healing Touch Level 2
  • Healing Touch for Children

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