Chakras & Lesser Chakras – Force Centers

The chakra energy system of The East has worked its way into Western vernacular. These centers are connected by a network of energy meridians or nadis. Where multiple nadis intersect, you have major or minor centers of Force.

Major Human Force Centers – Chakras

  • 7th Center – Head Center
  • 6th Center – Brow Center
  • 5th Center – Throat Center
  • 4th Center – Heart Center
  • 3rd Center – Personal Power Center
  • 2nd Center – Sacral Center
  • 1st Center – Root or Base Center

The sum-total of these centers make up one’s aura, or biofield. There are minor force centers throughout the body and in your hands, which are utilized to direct healing touch energies.

Healing Touch uses subtle energy and hands on or off the body techniques. Healing Touch provides emotional support over the long term, rather than healing wounds in one session.

All Healing Touch Practitioners work through extensive coursework to be prepared to work in healthcare facilities. Healing Touch has been providing quality continuing education for nurses since 1989. The standardized curriculum is based on an in-depth understanding and practice of energetic techniques that complement medical care.